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About Acuatic Tulum


Since 1993, Acuatic Tulum has been sharing the unparalleled beauty of the Mexican Caribbean and her cenotes with visitors to Tulum. At a time when Tulum was nearly virgin, Alex Alvarez opened his dive shop near the Mayan Archaeological Site on Tulum Beach. Today, he is a famous cave diver and explorer who works with National Geographic and Instituto Nacional de Anthropologia e Historia (INAH). His team offers recreational and technical diving excursions and courses under his direct training at the new shop with the old name: Acuatic Tulum Dive Center


To educate our clients to the unparalleled beauty of the cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula and the Mexican Caribbean. Diving and snorkeling in these amazing waters, we explore their beauty in a way that enables the thrill of diving while managing the safety of Acuatic’s clients and conserving the integrity of these natural systems. Alex Alvarez and his team are certified, licensed and insured divers who know the region’s cenotes and the Great Meso American Reef that runs along the Mexican Caribbean shore. Why do we take you there? Because it is fun and we still get a thrill every time we enter the water and every time we see that look of wonder on our client’s faces.

Hours of Operation

Mon - Sun: 8 AM - 7 PM

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