Freedive Experience

For people with no freediving certification we offer this single day trip to a beautiful cenote where we can start getting used to depth and swim through beautiful passages.

Static Apnea Course

This one day course helps students achieve breath-holds of 3 minutes or more through an understanding of the body’s adaptations to diving and long breath-holds as well as specific breathing and relaxation techniques. This allows them to trust themselves and immerse into the experience

Advanced Freediver Course

The Advanced Freediver course is designed to take students to an entirely new level of freediving.Upon completion of this course students expand breath-holds and depth tolerance capabilities. 

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Freediver Course

An entry level apnea diving course for anyone who has ever been interested in learning how to freedive the right way. Training is conducted in 2  beautiful cenotes where students will learn breathing techniques, efficient movement, and safety protocols in a controlled environment.

Freediving Session 1 Site

For certified freedivers who want to explore the area accompanied by an experienced instructor or want to focus on particular aspects of their freediving technique, we offer these sessions completely tailored to participants needs and interests. 

Freediving Session 2 Sites

For certified freedivers who want to explore the area accompanied by a professional instructor or train both depth and dynamic​

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Esteban Pando

Freediving Instructor

Esteban has been travelling in search of depth for years. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, he has always sought a better connection with nature and the ocean. He found himself enamored with the Mexican Caribbean where his love affair with the sea deepened through scuba diving and freediving.

He is professionally trained in both Scuba and Freediving since 2014 when he received his training in Utilla, Honduras. Since then he moved back to Mexico and has been guiding and teaching people to relax in the water to naturally allow themselves to dive deeper, both physically and mentally. 

A professional musician by training, he is naturally caring and sensitive while simultaneously methodical and pragmatic, a perfect combination for an instructor in any field but especially in freediving.

Esteban provides the zen necessary to explore the breath and the depths of the natural environment in which we practice. He will guide you into your best relaxed and capable self, at whatever water depth that may be.


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